Our Process

With over 20+ years of experience building Custom Homes in the Grand Traverse area and surrounding communities we have developed a 5 step process to build your dream Custom Home.

During the Initial Meeting we take it as an opportunity to get to know you and better understand your needs, preferences, and expectations. During the meeting, we will go through our in depth questionnaire which goes over what you have in mind for your custom home, desired size, layout, style, and budget. We will also discuss the location of the home, the building materials, and any special features or amenities that you would like to include. Overall, the Initial Meeting sets the foundation for a successful working relationship.

After signing the initial agreement and paying the first downpayment we put you on our schedule and move into the design step. We begin this step with conducting a site visit to assess the property and determine the best location for your custom home. We then work together to determine the exact layout, size, and style of the home, taking into account your needs and preferences. Once the design is finalized, we will create a set of detailed plans and specifications that will serve as a blueprint for the development step. Overall, the design phase is a collaborative process that ensures your vision is realized and that your custom home is designed to meet your unique requirements.

During this step, we use the detailed plans and specifications created during the design step to determine the quantities and types of materials needed. We then source materials from various suppliers and receive bids from subcontractors for the various trades required, such as electrical, plumbing, and framing. We will then evaluate the bids and choose the best options based on quality, price, and availability. This phase requires careful coordination and communication with suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that the necessary materials and labor are available when needed. During this step we ensure that your custom home building project stays on schedule, within budget, and meets the desired quality standards.

During this step, we work with a team of subcontractors and suppliers to bring your detailed plans and specifications to life. Here we manage the construction process, ensuring that all work is completed according to the plans, on schedule, and within budget. Along with this we will oversee the site preparation, foundation work, framing, roofing, electrical and plumbing installations, and other construction activities. We will also ensure that all work is up to code and that all necessary inspections are carried out. Communication with you is top priority for us during this phase to ensure that any changes or issues are addressed promptly.

Finally we do a final walkthrough with you. During this step, we will walk through the home with you and address any issues or concerns that you may have. We will also ensure that all work has been completed according to the plans and specifications, and all necessary inspections have been passed. Here we will also provide your with instructions on how to operate any systems and equipment in the home. You will have the opportunity to inspect the home thoroughly and report any issues that you notice. We will then address these issues before the final handover of the home to you. Once the walkthrough is completed, we will provide you with the keys to your new custom home!